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History of the LaMarre Family Ancestors
and Their Descendents in North America

Earliest Records

In France:

Normandy Approximately 1650 A.D.

      Adrien Delamarre (dit gasion) was married to Marie Lebec (Leclerc) and they were the Parents of Louis Delamarre. Louis came to Canada and became the first generation LaMarre in North America, (our direct ancestor). This family came from the town of Pitre, on the north east outskirts of Rouen in the Seine valley midway between Paris and the English Channel in Normandy. Louis and his parents were registered as having lived in the district of Les Andeleys, arch diocese of Rouen. These are the earliest known records of the Delamarre’s in France, records of the earlier period having been destroyed during the French revolution.
     In 1655 Louis Delamarre sailed from one of the channel ports on the Normandy coast either LeHavre, or Honfleur.

La Rochelle

     Meanwhile, Louis’ future wife Jeanne Garnier, whom Louis met and married in Canada, was born in 1636 on Ile d’Oleron, near La Rochelle, a French port on the Atlantic ocean north of Spain. Jeanne Garnier was the daughter of Sebastien Garnier and Marie Roux. Jeanne Garnier, at the age of 21 years was committed to sail to the new world in 1657.
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In Canada:

Province Of Quebec


Louis Delamarre 1655-1663
Jeanne Garnier 1657-1703

1655- Louis Delamarre (dit Gasion) arrived in the new world. Upon arrival, it is probable that he was required to fulfill his contract of labor to the new colony for three years as was mandated for all new immigrants in those days.
1658- Louis was registered as arriving at the city of Québec on July 11th when the sailing ship was reported as dropping anchor at the port, below the ramparts at approximately 2:00 P.M.
1659- On January 29th Louis obtained a concession to three arpents of land fronting on the St. Lawrence River near Beaupré, a few miles north of Québec City where he began his life in the new colony.
1660- Louis was granted title to his newly acquired three arpents of land.
1657- Jeanne Garnier meanwhile arrived at Québec City on April 10th. By July 30thshe married Réné Maheu and they took up residence near Beaupré. It is probable that during that year Louis met the young couple, as Beaupré was a small community of settlers.
1658- Jeanne gave birth to Réné’s son on June10th.
1659- Jeanne’s husband ,Réné disappeared early in the new year and records show that on April 20th a contract of marriage between Louis and Jeanne was signed and witnessed in which Louis committed to taking care of Jeanne’s baby, Réné, until he is 15 years of age. That year Louis was about 35 years old and Jeanne was 23years of age. They went to live at Louis’ homestead on his three arpents of land.
1661- By that year Louis’ wife Jeanne has borne him two sons, Pierre and Louis (2nd).
1663-Louis died in January of unknown causes leaving his young widow Jeanne to raise three children.
     As an aside, Jeanne continued to remarry outliving two more husbands, and producing a total of nine children before she died in 1703 at the age of 68 years.
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Louis (2nd) Delamarre 1661-1687
Anne Quentin 1665-1711

     Louis 2nd was born in parish of L’Ange Gardien near Beaupré and became a seaman. He met and married Anne Quentin, daughter of Nicolais Quentin and Marie Roulais from the parish of L’Ange Gardien.
1687- Louis’ 2nd son Jean Philippe was born on March 10th at Pointe aux Trembles on the island of Montréal. Louis 2nd died tragically on August 16th either by accident or by drowning in the St. Lawrence River in the same year at age 26.


Jean Philippe Delamare 1687-1765
Marie-Francoise Jolivette 1699-      ?

     Jean Philippe, born on Montréal Island married twice. His first wife bore him four children. His second wife, Marie –Francois, whom he married on May 17th 1723 bore him 16 children of which Jean Michel was born on Dec. 27th 1726. Jean Philippe died on Dec.25th 1765 at the age of 78.


Jean Michel (1st) Lamarre 1726-    ?
Marie Anne Monet     ?-    ?

     Jean Michel (1st) born at Pointe aux Tremble married Marie Anne Monet, daughter of Francois Monet and Elizabeth Demontet on May 31st 1756 at St. Constant Québec. Their son Michel (2nd) was born 1757 at St. Constant. There is no record of Jean Michel (1st) death.
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Jean Michel (2nd) Lamarre 1757-    ?
Magdalene Legrand     ?-    ?

     Jean Michel (2nd) Lamare born at St Constant married Magdalene Legrand, daughter of Jacques Legrand and Magdelaine Provost on January 30th 1785 at St. Constant. Son Jean Baptiste (1st) Lamarre was born June 22nd 1790 at St. Remi Québec. There was no death record.


Jean Baptiste (1st) Lamarre 1790-    ?
Josephate Remillard     ?-    ?

     Jean Baptiste Lamarre, born at St. Rémi married Josephate Remillard on October 18th 1814. She was the daughter of Joseph Remiard and Catherine Robert of L’Acadie Québec. Their son, Jean Richard Lamarre was born on January 15th 1839 at St. Rémi, Napierville Québec. Again, there was no death record.


Jean Richard Lamarre 1839-1910
Euphamie Derome 1849-1940

     Jean Richard Lamarre was a notaire (lawyer?) by profession and was engaged in legal work for the communities of St. Edouard and Sherrington in Québec. He married Euphemie Derome, daughter of Jean Baptiste Derome and Rosalie Normandin at St. Jacques Le Mineur in June of 1871. His wife was a school teacher. They produced two children, son Jean Baptiste (2nd) Lamarre born September 19th 1886 at St. Rémi, Napierville Québec and daughter Marie Anna (Magnon) in1892 St. Francois Xavier in Manitoba. Jean Richard and his family left Québec. and moved to Manitoba in 1888.
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Province Of Quebec

     Jean Richard Lamarre and his family arrived in Manitoba during the summer of 1888 by Canadian Pacific Railway. They arrived at the Parrish of St. Francois Xavier a small community of mostly French settlers recently arrived from Québec after the CPR rail way had been built. Not much is known of the family’s early days in Manitoba but the records show that Richard Lamarre purchased a deed of land in 1892 known as river Lot 38 registered in Cartier municipality across the Assiniboine river from the community of St. Francois Xavier, This lot was 6 chains wide and four miles long fronting on the Assiniboine river about 16 miles west of the city of Winnipeg. It appears that the original homestead (lot 38) had been granted to a Pierre LaVallee in 1888 who later sold it to Jean Richard Lamarre. This site became the root location of the Lamarre family origins in western Canada and where his son Jean Baptiste (J.B.) Lamarre (our father) grew to manhood. Jean Richard Lamarre continued to live on this property until his untimely death in 1910 , the result of an accident in which he was gored by a bull and died of the resulting peritoneal infection.


Jean Baptiste (J.B.) Lamarre 1886-1952
Marie (Virginie) Rose de Lima Beaudin 1889-1985

     Jean Baptiste (J.B.) Lamarre was born in the province of Québec but grew up in Manitoba. His father had wanted J.B. to become a lawyer like himself. At an early age he was sent to the College St. Boniface at St. Boniface Manitoba (today a suburb of Winnipeg). However J.B. was a headstrong and willful individual who, although a good scholar was very unruly and the story is that he was encouraged to leave the college. It appears that he left school following completion of grade 8 and returned to the family farm at St.Francois to assist his father. He met and married Marie (virginie) Beaudin, daughter of Hormidas Beaudin and Celina Menard of the Parrish of St. Eustache, Manitoba, a few miles west of St. Francois. They married June 21st 1910 and went to live on the farm at St. Francois whereupon J.B. took over the operation of the farm following the tragic death of his father. J.B. and his wife lived at the Lot 38 farm site in St. Francois until 1924 by which time his wife had given birth to seven children , Helen, the eldest (1911), followed by Gilberte(1913), Horace(1914), Edmund(1917) Arthur(1918) Oliva(Buddy) (1920) and Annette(1922). In 1924 the family sold the ancestral farm at St.Francois and took up residence at Headingley Manitoba. J.B. bought farm land near the village and also became a contracted rural route mail carrier which service he provided to the communities in that area until his retirement. During this period five more children were born, Joseph Leo Roland (1925-1929), Johnny Louis (1927), Roland (Ron) (1929) Edward (1931), and Lorraine (Sister) 1934. In 1946 J.B. retired from the postal service, sold his land and moved to New Westminster, B.C. taking his wife and last three school aged children. He died in 1952 on August 25th of lung cancer and is buried at the cemetery in Sapperton (area of New Westminster), B.C.

     Marie (Virginie) Beaudin (wife of J.B. Lamarre) was born at St. Eustache Manitoba in 1889, reported to be the first child of European settlers to be born in that new community. The Beaudin family had a long history in Québec before Virginie’s parents moved to Manitoba. The records show that the first Beaudin had arrived at Quebec city around 1626. Virginie lived on in New Westminster as a widow until her death on September 22nd 1985 at the ripe old age of 96. She is buried along side of her husband J.B. at the cemetery in Sapperton (New Westminster), B.C.

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